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Class Descriptions


Here are some of the amazing classes CSOB has to offer!


Ages 10+

The Conyers Dance Ensemble is an elite dance company open to dancers around the community aged 10 and up. Dancers should be taking at least 2 ballet classes weekly, dedicated to dance, mature, timely, and comfortable learning in a fast-paced environment. Our company puts on special shows and rehearses in addition to regular classes! Auditions are held in the spring and fall! Stay tuned for audition dates.

3.5 Creative Movement

Age 3

Our 3-Year-Old Creative Movement class gives students the opportunity to express themselves in movement while learning balance, patience, and sharing!

Pre-K Creative Movement

Age 4

Our Pre-K Creative Movement allows students to express themselves in movement while learning basic ballet positions, balance, and patience.

Creative Movement

Age 5

Our Creative Movement class focuses more on learning basic ballet steps and building a healthy and strong body. Students learn basic stretches and still have the chance to freely move!

Ballet 1

Ages 6+

Ballet 1 is our VERY FIRST ballet class! Students are finally working at the barre and learning basic ballet steps, posture, body consciousness, and ballet etiquette.

Ballet 2

Evaluation Based

Ballet 2 students begin learning more steps while still focusing on posture and working heavily at the barre. They begin doing some movements in the center.

Ballet 3/4

Evaluation Based

Ballet 4 students continue work at the barre and begin doing more advanced steps across the floor! Students focus on etiquette as their next step will be our intermediate level classes!

Intermediate 1 Ballet

Evaluation Based

Intermediate 1 ballet students often have been doing ballet for a few years. They work heavily on placement and alignment to begin executing work in center and learning the "fun" steps like pirouettes.This level focuses heavily on strength and technique as these students will soon be at pre-pointe level!

Intermediate 2 Ballet

Evaluation Based

Intermediate ballet students are older and have often been doing ballet for years. They work hard and learn quite advanced steps and focus heavily on technique and strengthening.

Intermediate Pointe & Variation

Evaluation Based

Intermediate Pointe and Variation is open to all students evaluated and approved by Ms. Phyllis. Students must have a certain level of maturity and be dedicated. Students must also take at least 2 classes per week. Students begin pointe work at the barre to become strong and at their pace move aways from the barre to learn basic steps.

In variation, students learn classical ballet variations that have been performed by professional dancers.

Advanced Ballet

Evaluation Based

Advanced Ballet is our highest level class. These students have been training for years and are prepared to learn some of the most difficult steps in ballet. At this level many students have the opportunity to learn partnering work (ya know as long as we have boys).

Advanced Pointe & Variation

Evaluation Based

Advanced Pointe & Variation is open to all advanced students they do pointe work and combinations away en centre and across the floor. These students must be dedicated and hard-working as these classes are not easy. They require strength and focus.

Students learn from our classical ballet variation repertoire. 

Tap/Jazz Combo

Open to ALL Ballet Students

Our Tap/Jazz Combo class is open to ALL ballet students! They learn beginner-intermediate tap and jazz skills. This class focuses heavily on musicality and rhythm.


Ages 11+

Modern is definitely one of CSOB's more difficult classes but students love it. They learn techniques including Ailey and Graham. They focus heavily on learning freedom in movement with many opportiunities to improvise. They also have the opportunity to learn basic acrobatic skills such as backbends, handstands, cartwheels, and partner tricks!

Beginner/Intermediate Jazz

Ages 8+

We are so excited to be introducing our jazz classes! We have two class levels for our students where they will learn jazz technique and have a chance to further express themselves and expand their repertoire!

Adult Tap

Ages 14+

A 6-Week Immersion in the world of tap dance paired with a 15 minute stretch and strengthening! Open to all levels but made for beginners! No experience required!

Adult Ballet

Ages 14+

Adult Ballet is for all levels of ballet experience! Whether it's a chance to get back into the studio, try a new hobby, or to live out your childhood dreams this class is for you. Each session will be a full ballet class barre, center work, and across the floor! We will dive right in day one and keep building. 

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